Monday, December 1, 2014

My Elder Climbs the Trees

We bought our house because of it's climbing trees.  

My older girl, now 10, has been a tree climber from the beginning.

I'd find a house online and decide it looked good, and then we'd drive to the house itself.  If there were no climbing trees or good outdoor space for the kids to play, it was a no-go from the beginning.

We have several good climbing trees, one in the front and two in the back.  
This one she chose to climb today is not typically her "favorite tree".  

She climbs up and nestles in the crooks between branches and trunk.

Ten years old.   We just cut her hair short recently.  It was not something she readily agreed to, but she knew it had to be done.  Her hair has always been her pride and joy.  Short and sassy, a good look for her.  She likes her short hair but tonight she screamed to the Gods, "I wish I had straight hair!"

Oh!  My older daughter.  Takes my breath away.

She is smart and talented, generous and kind, such a good heart and spirit.  
I am soooo lucky to be her mom. 
 I have two very great daughters and I am blessed and proud and full of love for them both. 

She'll still try to climb clear to the top of any tree.  
I keep telling her I worry not about her, I worry about the tree. 
 I'm afraid she'll catch a weak branch and fall.  

She climbed down this long branch all the way to the ground.

And, she's down from the tree.

The serious look.

She can make herself cry, too.  Real tears.  She wants to be an actress.  Lol

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Universe Decides

The thing is, it doesn't really matter what I want because not everything's in place. 

Sometimes I feel as if I have no choices, as if my choice never really matters because the universe is going to do what it will, anyway.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I want to share what I just told a friend. Rather introspective moment, I guess  I feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Like my life has changed 100% in the last 10 months. I feel so positive and satisfied; despite my mistakes and occassional misgivings. That's a powerful statement, isn't it? When we're in our 50's, I want you to remind me of this conversation and ask me if I feel the same way. Where do you think we'll be? In 10 years. I'll be... The mom of a college student with my baby getting her drivers license.

An old friend, whom I've know since high school, responds "I'm glad to be rising wit' da same wave, being so conscious of da spirit of da times.... I'm glad you're refresh'd by a day dat's equally great& dreadful... Onwards.... ~ Friend"

Could there have been a more perfect response?  My friend is a visual writer, I'd say.

I took this photo of the Winston Mutual Building a year and a half ago, in October 2012 --  it was such an amazing sight to see the shadow of the tree against the entire expanse of the five story building. Truly took my breath away. I don't think the tree is even there anymore...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reynolda Gardens at Wake Forest University

The Water Lily Garden is one of my favorites at Reynolda Gardens

The name of this rose is Walking on Sunshine.

This is Love and Peace. 
Right before my eyes, the bottom three petals released and fell to the ground.

This beauty was starting to encroach onto the pathway and seemed to nearly jump out in front of me.

It's no wonder to me that Monet did a Water Lily series, which included over 250 oil paintings.

The statue in front of Reynolda House Museum of American Art. I have taken many, many photos of this seemingly strong lady. Though the statue has remained unchanged, each photo seems completely different and with it's own personality. 

This guy came as a surprise! High up in a tree, this was my first time noticing him.

The fountain at the boathouse on Lake Katharine. The Gardens are filled with fountains, most with lion heads as the spout. This one, long unused, was broken at the nose, with a trail of water damaged concrete running below. 

Close up of the fountain at Lake Katharine 

The fountain at the boathouse on Lake Katharine.

This guy, a dragonfly? Chilling out on a blade of grass.

To put into perspective how small the butterfly was, the little flowers behind him are about as big as your thumbnail. 

Water Lilies touch my heart. They have different meanings in different cultures, but universally they are know to represent life and love, enlightenment and rebirth.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Custom Order for Carol

Pergola has been re-cropped for a 24"x36" print.
Pergola 24x36

Pergola 24X36 II
Pergola III
Pergola is available here.  Custom sizes welcome.  

Copying, redistributing and any other use of all photos within this blog is prohibited.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Eighteenth Century Keyhole Case-Mate for iPhone by Jessica St Lewis

Case-Mate iPhone 5 Barely There Universal Case

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Eighteenth Century Keyhole
Eighteenth Century Keyhole by soulenergy