Thursday, January 17, 2013

Project 365: Day 17, Snow!

Snow in our part of North Carolina is rare, and something that everyone gets excited about.  It has literally been raining for days and days (weeks?), dark, gray, sad...

For a few days now, they've been telling us the snow was coming.  Yesterday, they were pretty sure it was going to hit us.  This morning, we were looking at 1-3" (and it was still 47°).  At lunchtime we were looking at 2-4" (and the temperature had decreased about 5°).  By the time I picked up the girls from school, they were predicted 3-6" (and the temperature was still hovering around 40°).  Well, it's down to 34° and it's thundering and lightening... and SNOWING!  (Thundersnow!) 

It didn't start until after dark, and the snowflakes look like a million stars in a vast galaxy. 

And I've got two very happy girls.

And even better, they've already called school off for tomorrow.  
Yeah, we roll like that.  This is the south, after all.

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