Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 365: Day 27, Perspective

Do you have any idea what this is?
Something on the ledge of the Grand Canyon?  

Let's look again.  
Do you see it?  
The object photographed above is hidden in the  picture below.  
Well, not really hidden.  It's right there, found in the woods behind our house.
Zoom in if you need to.
It's directly above the "i" in Lewis.  See it?

I learned a little something about perspective today.

You know, how we see things.
How two people can look at the same thing, yet see something completely different.
As we zoom closer, you can clearly see it.

As we pull out a bit, notice the objects around it.  
The tree.  The moss covering it's surface.
The fallen leaf at the forefront of the photo.

We found this in the woods behind our house.  I wasn't sure what it was at first... but my daughter knew.  It was a

potato.  A red potato, one of about a dozen that we threw into the woods after I let them go bad in the pantry.  About four months ago?
  Decomposition.  Waste.  Rot.  
(The photo above and below were captured from the other side.)

Or object of beauty.  Wonderment.  Surprise.

It really depends on your perspective.

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