Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Outside, Backside, Little Things, A Cup of, Reflect

My girls enjoying  the outside on one of the few warm (and sunny) days we've had all week.
The view from the backside of the house.  Sunrise, with a sliver of moon still shining.

Little Things...
Even in the dead of winter, we're hanging clothes out on the line.  Not because I'm super green, because the dryer's broken and it's not high on the list of things to spend money on.  During the summer I enjoy hanging the clothes on a line.  During the winter... ehhh, not so much.
A Cup of...
We used to make pancakes every Saturday for breakfast.  We slid out of that tradition a couple of years ago, but for Christmas I got a waffle maker and it has gotten a lot of use in the last couple of weeks!
This one was tough for me.  I kept feeling like "reflect" should represent something I was reflecting on in my life, but then ~~ wa-lah!  You're going to have to go here to see what these trees are reflecting through.  I'll admit it, I went a little nuts on this one.

Ni Hao Yall
Unknown Mami


  1. That little things photo is so cute! Love it!

  2. Such beautiful smiles in Outside! Love the angle of the clothesline in Little Things.

  3. Wow - love the reflections photo! Very, very cool.

  4. When I was young my parents didn't HAVE a clothes drier. I remember them hanging wet clothes out on the line even in subzero weather. Once they were frozen HARD AS A BOARD, they would bring them in and "stand" them around the kitchen until they thawed.

    At that point, they were half dry from the freezing - - - so they "finished" drying hanging around in the house.

    Thanks for bringing back that memory this morning!

  5. I hang clothes inside during the winter (my dryer works but I am pretty green) but growing up it was my after-school chore to take down the laundry. It drove me nuts as a kid to have to take frozen clothes off the line and hang them in the basement. There's not enough sun here in the winter to warrant even trying to hang outside. I love the photo, though :)

  6. You got a great set and wow all those reflections from a little puddle on a table...amazing. I too love the clothes pins. I never hang our clothes out anymore. But, I love that shot!!

    I hope you have a great week and Happy hunting!:-)

  7. All great shots. Love your reflect one though. Don't you just love when good photos fall in your lap ;D
    Happy SUNDAY!!!

  8. Gorgeous shots! Love the sliver of the moon!

  9. For starters, your girls are absolutely gorgeous! I so love photos of clothes lines - no interest in using one mind ya - but they are so romantic to photograph (probably use I don't use one... knock on wood!). Beautiful backside shot as well - nicely composed.

  10. The clothesline photo is great! Bummer about your dryer, though. :(

  11. All great pics but especially the clothes pins and the reflection. I love the smiles on your girl's faces most of all, however.

    Happy Sunday!

  12. Wonderful post. I love the smiling girls and the clothes hanging is a wonderful shot as well.

  13. Can I come over for waffles?? Pretty please?! YUMMY!!! Get back in that tradition QUICK! ;)