Thursday, January 10, 2013

Skywatch: Episode 27

Thursday, 3pm.  A cloudy day.  This burst of sunshine was poking brightly through a circle in the clouds, and was positioned perfectly behind the spire of a church.  It was truly magical!
Sunrise, Wednesday.  Just a sliver of moon.

Just after sunrise, Thursday.  The sun was burning brightly behind the clouds, trying to burn them off.  Carolina blue sky waiting patiently behind.  Alas, the clouds won.  This photo was taken about 8am, and the first photo (with the church spire) was taken about 3pm in the same day.  SOOC
Tuesday.  We've had unseasonably warm days (and even warmer coming up this weekend!), and the birds are out full force.  There were several way, way up at the top of the trees, and despite the zoom the birds were blurry.  Took a little artistic liberties with this one; I really like it!

Linking up to Skywatch!  Take a minute to explore the skies throughout the world.  Click the photo below.


  1. Great post for SWF!
    Nice to study your photos!

  2. Lovely shots, especially the first one!

  3. That very first photo is absolutely inspirational. Such a perfect timing!!

  4. That first shot is just perfect! Amazing luck to be there at just the right time.