Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Basket, Park, Auto, Recycle, People Watching

Linking up with Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Such a stretch.  It was only after I took the photos of the basketball net that I realized that this is indeed a net -- and not a basket.

My favorite photo of the week.  Okay, okay.  I'll admit it.  This photo wasn't taken at the park (it was taken in our front yard).  But it could have been, couldn't it?

The pick-up line at the elementary school

City residents get a 96-gallon roll-up bin for recycling, which gets picked up every two weeks.  The bins of these neighbors have already been emptied.

People Watching
Are there any better people to watch?  The girls enjoying the first snow day of the season.


  1. I love your 2 first photos most !!! Children in photos are cute, lovely pics !

  2. I love the basket shot! I know that technically it is a net...but everyone calls it "making a basket" I think it counts :)

  3. Your Park photo is gorgeous...the snow, the blue sky. Love the composition.

  4. Fun photos! I love the park photo (mine was taken in my yard too! :)).

  5. nice stretch!! on BASKET. Of course, we understood the connection BASKET(ball net). The pic of the BIRD is stunning. What sort of lens do you use?

  6. This is a great series. The kids are always fun to see and I love your bird shot!
    Happy hunting next week! :-)

  7. Well, I'm going with basket*ball hoop for 'basket' - so it counts in my book. The blue sky with your bird shot is spectacular and your girls would, I imagine, be adorable to watch as they enjoyed their first snow of the year.

  8. I love your take on "basket" even if it was an "oops." I have to say the "park" shot is beautiful, such a vivid blue and great detail with the snow and the branch.