Thursday, January 3, 2013

Project 365: January 3, 2013, Day 3/365

Climbing trees.  That's what my older one does.  

She is a tree climber.

And she loves, loves, her stuffed ones.  Mostly bears and kitties, and here she's holding her newest.

She's actually holding the kitty right up close to her face in the photo above, but... I cropped it out.


  1. Is this your daughter? What a beautiful photo! She looks gentle and wise ~ an old soul in a youthful body. How I envy her gorgeous green eyes - my dad had beautiful green eyes, but I inherited my mother's blue ones.

  2. Thank you, Laloofah. She actually is quite gentle and wise (not that I'm biased in the least). Her father and I both have brown eyes, and her's defy everything I ever learned about genetics. Her eyes were sky blue until she was around three, then darkened a bit to green, although they change some depending on her mood.

  3. She is lovely!!! A girl after my own heart, I love trees!! I don't do much tree climbing these days, but I sure luv me some trees...

  4. Thank you Laurie. The quality of the climbing trees was a (serious) determination in the house we bought. Oh, my girls... :)